Searching for and collecting small amounts of gold from state-owned surface lands and streams as a recreational-type hobby, is allowed on state-owned mineral and surface land (fee lands) locations under the following conditions:

(1) Excavation, digging, or otherwise disturbing the banks of a stream or river is not allowed.

(2) Gold panning and sluicing is not allowed in any stream or river segment if stream musselbeds are known to occur or are encountered while panning or sluicing.

(3) Gold panning or sluicing is not allowed in designated trout streams, natural rivers, or natural areas.

(4) A hand-operated sluice used on state riparian rights along all streams and rivers may be no greater than 52 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 6.5 inches deep.

(5) No power sluices or dredging are allowed under this Land Use Order.

(6) The approved cumulative limit on the amount of gold found, removed, and kept under this activity, shall be one-half (1/2) Troy ounce, or 15.55 grams, per person per year.

(7) All other applicable laws, rules and requirements must be observed.


It looks like there are a few things that needed to be added here fellow prospectors. The first link will take you to the DNR webpage for Panning & Sluicing on Public Land in the state of Michigan. The links after that are referrenced in that page. Included here is the link to the DEQ page for the permit. It would behoove all Michigan Prospectors to check the DNR's website from time to time to ensure that you are compliant with any new changes to the rules.

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