Rick Hauser's Memorial Day gold from near Lyons, MI
Robert Ecker's gold from Jackson County.
Jim V's Lake Superior color from 2011
Conglomerated ironized sandsDry appearance of orange/rusty sandBlack sand above orange sand either hematite/magnetite or from 
ancient forest firesVery heavy rusty sand layer
Images of heavy ironized layer in Michigan moranic sand & gravels. Something to be on the look out for!
Some of Dan Kelsey's Lake Superior Gold!
Yeah, Great Lakes shipping can be seen here...1st use of the pan 2013!Yep, that the good stuff kids!
Recon trip for a possible new spot for color...
Shawn & Jess's color from Jon's Place in West Branch, Aug. 2014
Look at 'em all!!Saw that big piece after the 1st day of outing, couldn't wait to free it!Total clean up from the outing.. one of my better ones... time to go find some more!
Shawn's gold from Athens May 2015 outing...
Images from the Platte River Outing July 2015
John's gold from Lake Suerior 2015
Jonathan's color from near Welston, MI 2015
Randy's gold from Southeast Michigan!
Jon's color from Lyons on 5/15/16
Randy's color from Lyons
Nick's Pics from 2016 Athens Common
Walt Hunter's pics from Libby MT outing..
Walt's Pics from Muskallonge Sep 2017
Dennis Osgood's pics from Muskallonge Sep 2017