13 June 2019

Fellow GPAA Members,

We are moving on to Jon's place north of West Branch on 20 Jul. In addition to the MI dust, he has many fossils and pudding stones to take home. It is always a great time. Your officers are looking forward to digging with you. We are opening up the gate at 9:00am and potluck followed by our meeting starts at 4:00pm. We plan to have some kid games and activities starting around noon. Families, friends, and neighbors are always welcome. 

We had a picture perfect outing at Athens LDMA Camp last weekend. It was sunny and in the 70's plus we saw plenty of wildlife. Campers had some well groomed land for camping and thanks to the town's spraying a week earlier, we were mostly free of ticks. That was an unexpected plus. 

We are glad to have met new members and renew old friendships with all who could joined us. Prospectors had a choice of digging in an older pit and/or the recently dug pit for the LDMA Athens' National Dirt Party three weeks earlier. A little MI dust plus a few pickers were uncovered in the new pit since the dirt party. The older pit continues to give up the dust.

Sunday was a complete wash-out for members who wanted to dig a second day. Hopefully we will have great weather when we return in September for our final outing of the year, our 2020 officers elections, and the auction of our older 4" dredge. More to follow about the dredge.

Tom and Susie, Athens caretakers, are doing a great job maintaining the camp and enhancing our prospecting experience. If you want to have fun on your own, GPAA members can receive a 3-day pass to Athens once per year. Call CA for details and approval.

Interested in volunteering? Let us know how you would like to contribute.

H: 810/794-0638