Michigan Prospectors,                        September 14, 2018

Michigan Prospectors,                                                             

I can’t believe our Chapter’s 2018 prospecting season is complete, done, --- over.  Seems like, we had our first outing only a month ago.

Our last outing of the year was a “guaranteed gold” weekend at Barkus Campground for 28 adults plus the kids.  Too simple!  Although Yogi has gold at Barkus, we decided to purchase a truckload of Vern’s special material and we had a literal “gold mine” to dig.  

The material averaged almost four colors per shovel.  I did a clean out after 25 shovels and collected 90 colors in my Gold Cube.  Most were specks but had a couple large enough to see their distinctive shapes.  Great weather led us to a very rewarding gold colored weekend for all who had shovels.

BTW, Yogi showed us a picture of a nice sized Barkus picker found by a person two weeks earlier.

The Michigan Chapter held our 2019 officer elections following the outing.  Your elected officers are:

President, Nick Straffon
Vice President, Shawn Willett
Treasurer, Dennis Osgood
Secretary, Wendy (Rick) Garlick
Claims Director, Shane Wilkins

Please welcome Wendy to the leadership team.  We look forward as she will further Brian’s advances (digitizing our records and a little of our history) he made over past two years.

Brian decided not to run for reelection as secretary due to family commitments that will continue for a few years.  I hope he runs for a leadership position again.  We became friends over the last couple of years and I thank him for his service and advice. Brian and his boys plan to prospect with us when there is no conflict with family commitments.

We plan to hold our 2019 planning meeting late in March near Howell, MI.  I will have a President’s Post o/a 1 March 2019 with our meeting location and time.  Shawn plans to announce via an email to our Chapter mailing list, too.  All members are invited to join us and help finalize our Chapter’s 2019 schedule.

A couple weeks following the meeting (before tax day) you will receive a postcard with our 2019 program.

Hold the date:  I talked with Mike Pung, Gold Cube inventor, a few weeks ago.  He will be at Muskellunge Lake State Park on either the first or second weekend of August.  We are thinking of resuming our Lake Superior outing because the campground renovations are complete and digging with him would be an education for all.  By March we will know which weekend he will be on the beach.  It is an amazing place to dig.  Many members have collected 25 to 50 colors per pan in the past. 

Your officers hope you have a great Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Wish you the best gold in all your ventures until we meet again.


PS: The GPAA Mining Guide is out.  If your GPAA membership is active and they have your current mailing address, you have already received a hard copy in the mail.  If you have moved but haven’t updated your address at GPAA or your membership has lapsed, call them immediately. 

The online version is amazing. Check it out at www.goldprospectors.org.