Correction...Correction...Correction 20 Apr 17

We are changing our first Chapter outing from LDMA Athens to Barkus Campground in Muir, MI.  We've been to the Barkus site many times before and know there is gold.

Reason for change:  the LDMA folks in CA decided to charge all GPAA AND LDMA members $25 per day for any GPAA outing on LDMA sites this year.  We tried to negotiate a lower priced GPAA individual attendance fee and no cost to LDMA members but they would not consider our proposal.  So be it.

Here are the Barkus fees:

Overnite camping with electricity is $20/day. W/O electricity: $15.

They normally charge $10/day for panning but at the 20 May outing, individuals will see a $5/day digging charge.  This includes use of your highbanker and dredge use 100 ft or more from the river.  Spouses and kids/grandkids not seriously digging are not charged.

The Chapter is bringing in 12 yds of material from a local gravel pit where gold has been uncovered in the past.  Our Claims Director, Michael, is selecting the material from an area he found good gold two years ago.

This site is among the best places for finding MI gold.  Hope you can make it.

21 March 2017

MI GPAA Chapter Members,The 2017 MIGPAA prospecting season is just over the horizon.  The officers developed the schedule at our 19 March meeting and please save the dates……   A post card will be sent to members who asked for one by 1 April.

We will be digging gold dust from Athens (near Battle Creek) to Muskellunge Lake State Park (on Lake Superior, north of Newberry).  Take a look at our schedule and enjoy some great family fun.  Your officers are looking forward to seeing old family friends and many new friends this year.  Bring kids and grandkids. Guaranteed fun.

Our May dig is at Athens LDMA Camp.  Lost Dutchman Mining Association has told us they will charge $25/digger per day for both LDMA and GPAA members this year.  We asked early in March for them to reconsider their significant cost increases this year but they haven’t given us a revised fee schedule by our planning meeting.  We will post when we have an update.  The Club approved funding of the first 10 prospectors from our account and will fund additional diggers from our fundraising that weekend.  Kathy’s duck races, 50-50 drawings and nugget drawings will help with funding all members.

Jon is hosting our June outing at West Branch.  It is a great place for gold dust plus he has many-many fossils and some pudding stones.

Dale’s Sebewa is scheduled for July. He has fine gold plus the MI dust and a few fossils.  We are returning to his site for the first time in several years.

August is a question mark.  We are leaving the month open for possibly a Lyons or Marion weekend.  The officers will make a decision at the June meeting and Shawn will publish on our website plus send an email.  NOTE: THERE WILL NOT BE A NOTIFICATION BY SNAIL MAIL.  If you don’t como via internet, let your kids or a friend know how they can receive your GPAA info.

Originally we were planning on Muskellunge Lake State Park on Lake Superior in August but by the time of our scheduling meeting, there were no camping sites available in August.  We decided at the meeting to schedule Muskellunge for Sep.  May be a little cool but who cares? 

Hope to see all who can attend our outings this year.