16 July 2021

Folks, Gold Prospectors Association of America Michigan Chapter members love to teach new friends the basics of gold prospecting. The chapter has no membership dues and once you attend an outing, you are automatically a member for the next 24 months. The National organization has a membership fee and we encourage but do not require National membership for you to dig with us.  

If you have a couple years or more of prospecting under your belt, with a little work you will not have any problem finding tiny flakes of MI gold dust where ever we dig.  

Please visit www.michgpaa.com for outing details and other MI GPAA prospecting information.  

Our next outing is on 24-25 July at the Lost Dutchman Mining Association Camp at Athens, MI and our 7 Aug outing is near West Branch, MI. We have no actual start time but most arrive between 9:00 and 11:00 AM. Our potluck dinner is always on Sat afternoon at 4:00 PM and is immediately followed by our monthly meeting and a small gold nugget for a lucky ticket buyer. We will have a limited amount of prospector supplies and t-shirts available for purchase at Athens and a few supplies at West Branch.  

The 80 acre LDMA Athens Camp has a well maintained dry campground plus potable water, port-a-johns, and a dump station. Contact Tom or Susie for details: Office phone 269/729-4446. All non-LDMA member adult diggers have a $5/day digging fee at our Athens outing. As I understand, at all other times GPAA members pay a $20/ day fee or attend as an LDMA member guest. Non-GPAA/LDMA members are not allowed to prospect except as an LDMA member guest.  

The Aug outing will be at Jon's Place, a few miles north of West Branch, MI on South Fairfield. Very fine gold but there is no prospecting fee. Camping is not permitted. Google or Duckduckgo for a couple nearby campgrounds.

Come out for a great Michigan outdoors weekend at Athens and soon after at West Branch. Bring your kids and friends. Join us and make it happen.

Our Sep outing, back at Athens, will include our Chapter officer elections. Chapter officers must be GPAA members. Please ask me or any officer about how you can help lead the club in 2022.