27 November 2016

Fellow michGPAA Members,

The draft bill rescinding regulations governing our small scale mining hobby will be reviewed on 6 Dec by the House Natural Resources Committee at the Capital.  Barry and I will be presenting our case supporting the bill.

Please help by contacting one or more of the Natural Resources Committee Members and let them know that you support enactment of HB 5862 to amend 1994 PA 451 "Natural resources and environmental protection act."  The proposed bill exempts small scle mining up to and including 4" suction gold dredge (recreational gold prospecting) from permit requirements. 

Send an email or call individual committee members, below, or email the Committee Clerk, Joy, and she will forward: joybrewer@house.mi.gov.

Members of the Natural Resources Committee:

Representative Andrea LaFontaine, Chairwoman, Natural Resources Committee, andrealafontaine@house.mi.gov, 517/373-8931

Representative Bruce Rendon, Vice Chairman, Natural Resources Committee, brucerendon@house.mi.gov, 517/373-3817

Representative Anthony Forlini, Member Natural Resources Committee, anthonyforlini@house.mi.gov, 517/373-0113

Representative Ken Goike, Member, Natural Resources Committee, kengoike@house.mi.gov, 517/373-0820

Representative Ed McBroom, Member, Natural Resources Committee, edmcbroom@house.mi.gov, 517/373-0156

Representative Mary Whiteford, Member, Natural Resources Committee, marywhiteford@house.mi.gov, 517/373-0836

Representative John Kivela, Minority Vice Chair, Natural Resources Committee, johnkivela@house.mi.gov, 517/373-0498

Representative Charles Smiley, Member, Natural Resources Committee, charlessmiley@house.mi.gov, 517/373-3906