19 June 2017

Chapter Members,

Threatened by thunderstorms that never happened, MIGPAA prospectors found gold at Jon’s West Branch site all day on Saturday.  During light mist and intermittent drizzles, several members showed results with fine flakes in addition to the typical very-fine “flour” gold.  Everyone digging found fossils, including Petoskey stones, and a couple members on a mission  -- plus Brian’s oldest son -- found several “pudding stones.” 

Jon has been a friend of our club for many years.  We thank him for hosting our annual event and fixing the recent rain washouts.  He made new trails for  our two wheel drive vehicles to drive closer to his material stash.

Our officers decided to hold the August Outing at Barkas Campground, Muir, MI on 26 August.   We had a great time finding gold dust in May and looking forward to returning.

Our next opportunity to cross paths is on 2 July at Dale's Portland site. Check Shawn’s outing schedule for directions or give me a call.  Dale’s place has both flour and flakes plus a few years ago members found a couple pickers.  He also has Petoskey stones and plenty of pretty rocks.  If you have never prospected at Dale’s, you will be pleasantly surprised.  Karen and I will be checking in at Alice Springs RV Campground on Fri: www.alicespringsrvpark.com/. 

Repeat announcement from last month: 

Talked with Richard Robinson, GPAA Chapter Coordinator.  He wants to expand the State Director job from a single person to an administrator with several deputies.  In his plan, the MI State Director will assume the position of an assistant director under the Ohio State Director because we have only one chapter in the State and I believe Ohio has three chapters.  When a new MI chapter is chartered, the MI State Director will become a stand-alone position reporting directly to Richard.  Please contact Richard if you would like to establish another club in MI.

As some of you may know, Bob Bednarick resigned from the State Director position after many years of exemplary service to our members.  He and Della kept this club active for several years while serving as the Chapter President and Della as Chapter Treasurer. They are active chapter members and plan to attend outings ….. and we welcome them as board members in eternity.

Both Bob and I have been looking for a volunteer to become State Director who has previously dedicated time to our MI gold prospectors.  We are looking for a person who is willing to assume the duties, able to control his/her own hours (within reason), has prospected for a few years in MI and is computer literate.  So far we haven't struck gold. If you can fit the bill;  give Bob, Richard or me a yell. Richard wanted to get the ball rolling so I agreed to hold the position temporarily until we locate a candidate willing and able to assume the duties.  

The deputy positions with their job descriptions are listed below. I believe many members qualify for one or more of the positions and hope you will consider helping.  It sounds like a great opportunity.  I don't see any position, except for state liaison, requiring much time as many of the requirements are already being accomplished by one or more of us already. 

If you want to take on a Michigan level GPAA position, please let me know. 


State Director Program

The program will feature a position of State Director as the lead in a region. The State Director will select volunteers to serve in positions in his/her region. These positions will include:

·        Communications Liaison
o   Works with chapters in the state to get outing and event schedules.
o   Makes sure that scheduled events are posted on chapter sites, social media, and in publications.
o   Solicits articles from chapters for publications.

·        Membership Liaison
o   Works with authorized dealers and chapters to build working relationships that will benefit both the dealers and chapters.
o   Identifies potential new dealers in the area of chapters.
o   Promoted all membership types to chapters and their members, and the incentives that are offered to chapters for membership sales.
·        Claims Liaison
o   Works with Chapters to see that the online mining guide is being populated with the proper information.
o   Works with Landowners and Claim holders to establish new relationships and identify new properties for our members to utilize.

·        Community Outreach Liaison
o   Works with chapters on community service projects that are outside of normal GPAA activities.
o   Ensures that any community service projects are promoted and reported through the GPAA and outside resources.

·        Outings & Events Liaison
o   Works with Chapters to assist them in scheduling Outings and ensuring that the State Director and Communications Liaison has a complete schedule of outings and events for the chapters in the state.

·        Government Agency Liaison

o   Establishes and maintains good working relationships with state agencies that directly impact prospecting activities in that state, such as the state Department of Environmental Quality and the state Department of Natural Resources