Michigan Prospectors,                     July 27, 2018       

The weather forecast for our July outing at Barkus Campground was almost totally wrong; fake weather forecasting at its best.  We had a prediction for a terrible day but we only experienced a half hour soaker in mid-morning with nothing for the rest of the day.  As with last month’s experience, it was warm, misty and overcast plus no mosquitoes.  We had perfect prospecting weather and lots of dust.

Vern’s magic continues even though we no longer dig on his property.  We had 12 yards of his gold bearing material delivered to Barkus for the outing.  Barkus has good gold but it takes some serious work to get to it.  Vern’s load was frosting on the cake and most of us went for the dessert first.   Note: We are considering having another 12 yards delivered for our Sep 8 outing at Barkus.  We will decide in August.  Your comments?

Our next outing is at Ray’s farm in Marion on 18 August.   Directions are at the Outings Schedule hot link on the main page.  We have seen an enormous amount of black sand on his property and if you find the pay-streak, a lot of color, too.  If you are camping and want to stay onsite, he has a cow pasture without cows, so bring your water and power.   Ray is providing a porta-potty and plans to dig a couple holes where he thinks there may be gold.  Lots of wildlife roam his property including a black bear.  Karen and I plan to arrive on 16 Aug and leave on the 19th. 

As always, our potluck dinner and Chapter meeting will be on Saturday at 4:00 pm.  Please join the dig and get a little more of that MI gold and fossils. Ray welcomes early arrivals and late departures: just let him know your plans:  989/339-0675.

Bring your family.  Take care until then.