19 AUG 2019

MI GPAA Members, 

​Wow, the season is almost over. Our last outing for the year is at Athens LDMA Camp, Athens, MI on 14 Sep. Please make it a priority, especially if you haven't had a chance to be with your chapter earlier this year.

LDMA Athens Caretaker, Tom, had a new pit dug earlier this year for a national LDMA outing where participants collected 11.75 grams of Michigan's really pretty dust. That same pit remains. It has hardly been touched. Lots more gold in the gravel ready for us to uncover. 

Regular camping fee applies to LDMA members. GPAA members and other adult digging visitors will be asked for $5 per day and if camping, Tom will ask for $20 per unit per night (water and dump station is onsite but you will need to bring auxiliary power).

We will have our election of 2020 officers at the outing meeting following the potluck at 4:00 PM. Positions include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Claims Director. If you want to play a leading role in the Michigan GPAA Chapter, please let one of the current officers know so we may place you on the ballot. There are other appointed positions, too. So if you would like to gradually work into the leadership, let the newly elected 2020 President know your interests. 

We are auctioning a used gold prospecting 4" induction dredge at the meeting. It will be onsite for view all day. The engine and pump are in very good condition. Hoses may need replacement in a year or two. The dredge was donated to the Chapter three years ago and we never used. Rather than storing in a member's barn for another year, we are offering it to the highest bidder. One member has offered a starting bid of $500. If interested in outbidding, please bring cash, credit card or checkbook. A check will only be accepted from a MI Chapter member in good standing.
Shawn lead the August Barkus outing that included a boy scout troop experiencing their first prospecting opportunity. They had an amazing time! Unfortunately Karen and I couldn't be there. We were hosting a military related fundraiser in Mt Clemens. 

Take a look at the next GPAA Magazine for the article written by Shawn about our August outing. It was a big event. We thank Shawn, as State Director/Chapter Vice President for taking the time to highlight our Chapter's accomplishments.

If you are affiliated with a children's group and they would like to dig for gold, please let Shawn or me know. You will help host an event where we can teach the next generation about shepherding our natural resources.