3 April 2022

    The 2022 season is upon us and we are getting ready to start our outings. My name is Mike Polly with Nick Straffon retiring as the Michigan chapter president I have taken the president position for our chapter. I am a life member of the GPAA and live here in Michigan. 

    We have added a couple more outings for this year to give us more opportunity to get together, see old friends and meet new people. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and working with our other great officers this year as we grow our chapter. 
The chapter has no membership dues and once you attend an outing, you are automatically a member for the next 24 months. The national organization has a membership fee and we encourage but do not require national membership for you to dig with us. Our members love to teach new people the basics of gold prospecting. If you have a couple of years or more of prospecting under your belt or new to prospecting, with help from our more experienced members you will not have any problem finding gold wherever we dig. 

    Our first outing is April 23rd at the Athens camp and May 21st and 22nd we will be back to Athens. Our schedule is posted, for more updates and details you can also check our Facebook page Michigan's awesome gpaa group page. Hope to see all of you at this year's outings.