1 May 2021

Gold Prospectors Association of America Members and Friends,

Your Michigan Chapter’s prospecting season opens at the Lost Dutchman Mining Association Camp at Athens, MI on 22 and 23 May. Tom and Susy, Navy Retired, are our gracious hosts.
Our Chapter will cover your Saturday’s (22 May) entrance fee. As you know, LDMA members do not pay for prospecting at the camp but all other adult prospectors pay a day fee (kids and adult non-diggers are free). FYI: A regular prospecting day pass for those without an LDMA membership is $20. Our chapter receives a discounted rate when we hold an outing at Athens.

Outing campers on 21 or 22 May will be charged $3/ night. Non potable water and a dump station are on site. You will need a generator for power and bring your own drinking water. At all other times, non-LDMA members have a $15/ night camping fee. 

LDMA members are authorized use of prospecting equipment up to a 4” dredge, others may use equipment up to 2” dredge. All hand fed equipment, including high bankers and powered sluices, are authorized for all. We will not have a common dig. Everything you uncover is yours.

Athens is an amazing place for those of us who love the out of doors. Wildlife treks across the gravel piles down on the flood plain during early mornings and evenings where we prospect for the gold during the day. With the deer come the ticks plus the Camp has the obligatory monster mosquitoes. Repellent will be available if you forget.

At 4:00 PM on Saturday we will have a potluck dinner. As always, the Chapter provides the meat and members bring side dishes, deserts, or snacks. Our monthly meeting will follow with our gold nugget raffle and a 50-50 drawing at the conclusion.

We are looking forward to an amazing weekend with old friends and new diggers. If you are new to prospecting, bring a shovel and a bucket. We have prospecting equipment at our store and you can get started for about $25.00. Athens has gold dust and some small flakes – come and get it.