Howdy Michigan Gold Grubbers! 

    So as ya'll seen either via Facebook or the President's post, I hosted some Boy Scouts for some panning lessons.  Per Paul Louly, I got the story in just in time for publication in the next issue. Not sure if it's Pick & Shovel or Gold Prospectors, but it in the next issue. It was a new experience for me. I'll let ya'll read the story for more.

    Today I prescribed myself a dose of dirt therapy. Underwater dirt therapy! Took myself to Barkus and put my backpack dredge to work. 5.5 hrs on the nozzle and I'm purty stoked about the results just seeing the cons in the tub when I cleaned the mat. I'll post the clean up on our Facebook page in the next day or two. Even if it's just the pieces I saw, I'm happy. I had a bunch of fish swimming in the hole with me as I followed what I believe to be totally unworked material. And I'll tell ya, it is called Stoney Creek for a reason. My hands and right foot got ambushed a few times by falling rocks. 

    I really hope to see a bunch of ya's at the last outing of the year in Athens. The new dirt is still there for us to chew up and theres some good butter yella in it! The chapter will be auctioning off the 4 inch dredge as well. The 500 dollar minimum bid was started by me. This unit aint showroom new, but she'll run for ya all ya want. I'm hoping this dredge finds a good home to put in many hours of use. Once you dredge, you're gonna wonder why ya hunted gold any other way.

    Remember to get outside! There's no better place to be!