The Athens outing was an excellent one! Well, if ya don't count 
the rain on Sunday. I'm hoping many of ya's have gotten that re-
enforced shot of gold fever and are on the hunt for that butter yella!

    I just wanted to put out to those that may be interested, on 
August 10, I'll be doing an introduction to gold panning with a Boy
Scout troop at Barkus Campground. Whether ya wanna help 
spark the fever in a new prospector or just get wet in the creek, I hope to see some of ya'll there. Be advised, this is NOT a chapter 
outing. As the wind blows, I'll likely not be attending the Muskallonge outing the weekend before on August 3. Especially given how the DNR is taking so long to finish the upgrades at that park. 

    Lemme know if ya wanna/gonna be there that Saturday. It'll do not just the chapter some good, but also put a good light on the small scale mining community as well.