From the Claims Director's Desk....

After a week in the hospital with Type A Influenza and Pneumonia, I am back on the road to recovery.  Thank you for all the good wishes sent my way.

I would like to announce the opening of Vern's Place at Lyons, MI.

Vern Shattuck has graciously opened up his facilities at the end of Edwards St. (behind the old Chrysler Building) at Lyons, MI to members of the Michigan GPAA and all other chapters by invitation.

You are invited to come explore the facilities.  Have three 2 inch dredges, do over a yard an hour, boy do they get the gold.

It is my further intentions to be placing videos and post on Youtube and elsewhere inviting the public to come and try the facility with the goal of inviting them to join the GPAA, Michigan chapter.  It is my intention to use Vern's place as a recruiting poster for our club.  First visit is open, second visit expect to see a membership card or a GPAA hat.

There is no camping at this dig.  I am not encouraging camping on site.  However there is Barkus Campground, about 6 miles east.  They have electric hookups and also offer recreational gold prospecting, they have been affiliated with gold prospectors since the early 1940's. 

Also here in Lyons there is a park with eletrical hookups for RV's and camping.  Will be posting copy of campground form and camping guidelines.  This is a family oriented facility here in Lyons.  Barkus is out of town and a bit more secluded.

Also would like to extend offer to anyone who wants to put together any impromptu outings, camping can be managed.  Camping will be available for scheduled club outings.

I have been a proud member of GPAA for 35 years now.  Used to have coffee with George "Buzzard" Massey out there around Phoenix and Tuscon.  Always liked the family atomsphere of the club.  If you work with a youth group (Big Brothers/Big Sisters, ect.) your welcome to bring the young people out for the good outdoor fun.

I live right here in Lyons, MI at 125 N. King St. One lock east of the local VFW Post (of which I am a member) and just arond the corner on King St.  Stop by and visit if you can. Phone # is 989-387-9408.

This site is by invitation only, you must call and arrange before coming.  Just call me at 989-387-9408.

Michael Hunter
Owner, Hunter Mineral Exploration
Chairman of Claims Committee, Michigan Chapter GPAA