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Kim Britton has a Keene 2 inch Highbanker Combo for sale. It has hoses and pump. She also has 2 metal detectors for sale. Contact her for more info at 989 858 9186.


Bob Bednarick has a Proline 3 inch highbanker/dredge combo with 5hp Honda pump. It has wheels for easy movement and has water connections on both sides for easy hookup. He's asking $1800. Contact him at (231) 920-9439 or r_bedn@yahoo.com

Jim Terbush has miller table for sale for $100 and a "wally machine" (aka a super concentrator) for sale for $150 AND a gold cube package for $600. Jim can be contacted at: (989) 673-5081


Vivian Coyle has the following for sale, as a package, not piecemeal...

2-1/2 inch Proline dredge includes new Honda engine & pump combo GX160, 5.5, HP175 with
T-80 air compressor, reserve air tank, whip hose, air hose, lay flat, foot valve,
straight tip, engine base plate, hoses, & sluice bucket recovery system.    $2,100

Not used Diving Gear
"Farmer John" [ML] Tylos Hydrogear 6.5 mm titanium  $95
"Deep See" hood [M]  $18
"Ozark Trail" booties/liners [M] & [L]  $10 each
"Dynasty" face mask w/purge valve  $17
Sherwood Scuba Hookah Octopus Regulator in box (w/mouthpiece, 30" hose)  $70
Weight belt  $7
Mesh gloves  $9
Elexzilla yellow 3/8" ID hose WP0611 300 PSI 30' roll   $30

Motors & Pumps
Briggs & Stratton 5 HP with Pacer pump  $75
Tecumseh Mod. 390301A w/Keene Engrg. pump  $125

35 gallon white plastic horizontal sprayer tank with faucet (hauled water)  $40
Keene power jet (4")   $95
New suction nozzle (4")   $100
Reserve air tank, whip hose, air hose   $60
Safety air snorkel  $12
Pump impeller  $15
Lay flat (varied lengths, 1 red, 2 blue)
Several years of "ICMJ's PROSPECTING & MINING JOURNAL" magazines (bundled)

                   ***ENTIRE PACKAGE $2,200 ***

Phone anytime 260-691-3624 or email drivco@hotmail.com.


Chris Miller has a 3" Keene dredge for sale. it's still new in the box. He's asking $3000. He can be reached at 248 884-1902.