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Ok, so now...

by michGPAA Webwrangler on 04/01/17

that the weekend is nearly over... Sunday's are a chores day for me, I've seen a few posts on various social media of gold diggers getting out of the winter doldrums! I love it!

2 weeks ago I had a change in job description. I'm no longer a line rat. I'm a lab rat now. A noob lab rat at that. My schedule alledgedly will be what I had when I worked the line but given the recent history of my new dept, this may or may not be the case. I've got a ton to learn in very little time to do it as our busy season is fast approaching. I tell ya'll this just in case I'm not at an outing. I didn't quit digging, or any of that. Work may not be as accommodating as it has in the past for me to attend our events.

For as many official GPAA members as we have in the chapter, I'm a bit disappointed by how many dont use the system on goldprospectors.org to check out our chapter or any other chapter there. I've had an account there now for 2 plus years and all the friends I've on there with the exception of one, contacted me. I think the number is 8 friends total I've accumulated on there. Ya'll should check it out. Especially if ya thinking of heading out of state to get some dirt therapy.

Get outside! Theres no better place to be!