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Awww maaannnnn...

by michGPAA Webwrangler on 10/14/16

I just found out Vern's Place is closed for the season. Los bummer bruh, as I had to change plans for digging this weekend. I had a couple of things that needed to be accomplished before the end of the day today that just could not wait. Hate when that happens. So, whats a fella to do?

I can run to Athens for a 1 day speed run, 2/2.5 hr drive there and 2/2.5 hr drive back. I could see if The Spot is avail... but it is huntin' season... or I could chase finned gold in the morning.... I did see a very nice piece of finned gold come up this morning in Saginaw. 24 or 26 inch porker caught by a fella using a jig in 18 to 20 foot of water in the main channel... I guess, it's finned gold for Saturday.. We'll see what the day brings before I worry about what I'll do with myself on Sunday.

The 4th book has been added to Keith's Library. It's a pictoral tome that does require a bit o' knowledge of the glacial movements as they pertain to MI. At 1st blush, its just a bunch of pics, but look closer. Take what it shows and combine it with what ya know of this state's formation and ya just might have an aha! moment.

Get outside! (ya know I am) There's no better place to be!