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And.... we're off!!! (almost)

by michGPAA Webwrangler on 03/19/17

We had the officer's meeting today. And I know quite a few of ya'll are excited to know what our 2017 schedule is. I'll have it released to the website shortly, we're standing by to confirm a coupla details for 2 of the outings.

One item I'll put here is the search for a geologist and a trailer hauler. Specifically the titles are VP Geology and VP Outings. The candidate for Geology will have some expertise in Michigan geology. The candidate for Outings must have a truck to tow the chapter trailer to 2 outings in the Lower Peninsula.

A couple other items that we discussed at the officer's meeting... the possibility of having a metal detector hunt during one of our outings and the big outing that the Buckeye chapter holds at Swank. The reason we spoke of this is that the chapters from around the midwest will be having their officer's or designated representative, have a get together to see what things they'd like to see California do for us eastern members.

Thats the short and dirty for the moment. Get your gear ready, the true thaw is inbound. Time to get those shovels ready!