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So, I've been kinda sorta busy...

by michGPAA Webwrangler on 08/27/18

If I ain't been working, I've been running around for other folks. Finally locked down some time this past weekend to get my dirt therapy session in Athens Camp.

I got 4 runs in on my highbanker working the "old" pile and I got one run in with the dredge in the pond in front of the "new" pile. To clarify, the new pile is actually the pile I spent the 2 previous seasons working. Kent and Scott Fackler brought in a small bucket loader w/backhoe to turn the pile. So far so nice color! Ask Jon Sever, he found a couple of super nice pieces!

I shot vid of my 3 days in Athens and I still need to work the super cons to do a final reveal of all the colors I collected. Stay tuned for that.

Oh, if ya weren't aware, the Chapter is going to have a table at the October Gold Show in Ohio. I'll be headed down there wrangling things. That is gonna be an adventure! I've never done anything like this so it's another lesson of learning on the fly from Professor Hardknocks. Should be entertaining.

Ok, off to the dungeon to finish pan. Tks for reading ya'll! Get outside! Theres no better place to be!