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So after a long ride...

by michGPAA Webwrangler on 05/18/18

Mrs Webwrangler and I have traveled out to and, returned home, from Roaring Camp in California.

Lemme tell ya, it ain't no Michigan gold digging thats for sure! While there may be more color there than there is here, that gold has had millions of years to get down deep!

I made a video of my experience that I've posted to my youtube channel.  If ya go to member videos, you'll see a button that will take ya there. Look for the one on Roaring Camp.

I've gotta make this short as I have work in just 7.5 hrs. Thanks for reading this and if ya get to it, watching the video. I have another one I need to put together from the last day there. It'll be interesting.

Get outside, theres no better place to be!