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Woot! 2018 schedule!

by michGPAA Webwrangler on 03/18/18

Just like the title says, the 2018 schedule is up!

Officer's meeting finished up just a few hours ago and I've just got it posted live for the world to see. If ya looked closely enough to the home page, you may have seen a couple small additions.

I'd like to welcome Shane Wilkins to the Board as our Claims Director! He was kind enough to step into the void and fill it. I look forward to what he finds running about our great state for places our membership to find the shiny!

2nd, our Secretary asked that I put on the homepage a small request for our newest GPAA members. If ya wish to recieve notifications via snail mail for our outings schedule, please call or email Brian so he can add ya. Sure would be disappointed if someone didn't make an outing cuz they didn't see the schedule.

With that, I'm off to the prospecting dungeon. Got to keep working the big bag of dirt I got as a Valentine's present. Remember to get outside! There's no better place to be!