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I'm slippin!

by michGPAA Webwrangler on 06/05/17

With the change in position I've taken at work, household projects, and, of course, diggin' season upon us, I've really fallen behind here on the blog..

As ya'll have likely seen, I've gone to pretty much announcing when I've posted a new vid up on youtube via facebook. I've gotta work out if I want to change the vid page format or not.. If I do, I'll attempt to let as many of ya know as I can.

Speaking of vids... I had a comment on my last one concerning glacial Saginaw Bay beach lines.. Fella says basically I dont show the gold, if I've even found any. A reveal vid is coming. I've got cons from my 2nd trip to Athens and the material from Barkus to run. The beach line vid shows no color because I didn't plan properly for stopping and not losing my kayak. If the weather holds up i.e: not too much rain, I'll be getting back in there to do some proper testing and maybe scoring some butter yella.

West Branch is just a cupla weeks out. It oughta be a good time with good friends. We can do all the fun stuff there. Even dredge the pond if ya want. Jon has said theres approximately 2 ft of light stuff over the gravels though. Me, I'll be running my highbanker.

The August outing is still up in the air. If someone has an idea of where to go, please let one of the board know. We'll hope to make the decision at West Branch so we all have plenty of time to make plans.

Gold is where ya find it, get outside! Theres no better place to be!